Software for trade automation

Professional front-office complex for cash desk automation of a single store or a chain of shops

In store operating it is important for cashier to work comfortable with cash program, serve customers quickly, do not create queues. ABM Cloud offers only high-quality software for store automation

tick Central office management
tick Replicability (opening by template)
tick All functional tasks of store cash desk are solved
tick The store works autonomously, if there is no connection
tick Integration with ABM Retail back-office and bonus programs
tick The ability to purchase the modules needed
tick The most modern development tools

tick Cross-platform
tick Broad hardware integration
tick Complex software integration
tick Modernity
tick Security
tick High reliability and stability of the system. Scalability
tick Convenience in implementation and operation
tick Low Cost of Ownership (LCO)

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tick The cashier interface is configurable
tick You can keep several checks at the same time
tick Payments in cash, non-cash, bonuses, mixed type
tick All fiscal reports printing is automatic
tick Cash reports on the cashier monitor can be viewed
tick Goods additional properties and price can be viewed by the barcode
tick Discount/bonus card barcode shows customer information
tick To avoid corrupt practice all cashier actions are recorded
tick At any checkout, at any store, you can refund/partial return of goods
tick Possibility to postpone the check

tick Sales data storage
tick Customer data storage
tick Sync with stores
tick Synchronization with the ABM Retail system
tick Cash complex operation is customizable
tick Allocation of user rights
tick Discount and bonus programs formation
tick Sales throughout the network analysis
tick Keeping customers’ bonus accounts
tick Transaction execution
tick Saving data in store
tick Maintaining primary documentation (incoming, outgoing invoices, transfer and write-offs, inventories)
tick Sales reports for store
tick Price tags printing
tick Bar codes for goods printing

Front-office program for cash desks in stores

Professional front-office software for automation of retailers and quality work of cash desks.

Professional front-office software for the cashier must be functional, reliable and secure, allow to organize the cashier's workplace in the stores of counter-trading and self-service. Effective customer service depends on the work of cash program.

The cashier's functionality is provided by integration with the trading equipment, as well as synchronization with the accounting back-office management system such as ABM Retail for the integrated automation of retail stores.

In the advantages of professional front-office software for automation of retailers and high-quality work of cash desks, a customizable cashier interface, there is the possibility of simultaneously multiple checks maintenance, different types of payment, fiscal reports automatic printing, ability to postpone a check, hold a return of goods, checking goods by bar-code, loyalty program - discounts and bonuses.

Learn how to automate the store on a turn-key basis using the professional front-office software for automated cash desks and ABM Retail cloud-based back-office!

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